DJ Katrina Velez

I guess my interest in music started when I was 5 and ever since then I’ve
always wanted to sing. As I grew older I noticed that what I wanted to do the most is
entertain people. I also have other hobbies, I love to cook and also dance. I was
accepted to both West Caldwell Tech and Arts High but I chose West Caldwell Tech.  I saw
better opportunities here, and I knew there was a great performing arts program
here.  What I didn’t know was that they had a radio station here. When my
teacher, Mr. Beckett, the performing arts teacher started to explain it to me, right
away I knew I wanted to host a show on the radio. When My friend Hannah and I heard
this, we wanted to host the show together.  We were both so excited that we worked all day
and night to make a script for the show. This wasn’t something I planned to do, I had
a whole different story.